The Root of It

You’ve heard of Android. But, what do you know about Rooting? What the heck is that you might ask? Custom community developed ROMs are all the craze these days and in order to install them, you’ll need to perform a process called Rooting. This gives you complete, no holds barred access to your device. Sounds great, right? But, consider what would happen if your precious device were to fall into the wrong hands? Here is an example of what could go wrong.

SyncMyPix 0.15

The good news is, I just pushed a new version of SyncMyPix to the market. And, if you’re turkish or polish, you may notice improved name matching thanks to some work from a new contributor. The bad news is, unless you’re turkish or polish, there’s nothing to get excited about. To be honest, more came out of this release than went in.

A Simple, Dynamic Thread Pool

Who doesn’t like a good pool? Great for swimming, but even better for concurrency. This awesome kind of pool is called a thread pool. The one I’ve crafted that I’m about to show you can start with x number of threads and size itself up to y number of threads if the number of queued tasks grows above a certain threshold. You’ll also notice that once the queue is empty, the number of active threads drops back down to the minimum. The minimum can even be zero. Many platforms provide concurrent utility classes for accomplishing this or similar behaviour. However, if you’re writing code on a platform, such as J2ME, you’ll be out of luck. So, without further ado, here it is:

Blackberry: Animated Part 2

In my last post, I wrote about the lack of animation API provided in the Blackberry SDK. Sure, OS 6.0 provides some means for doing animations, and OS 5.0 added an API for screen transition animation. But, that’s not enough for developers targeting devices running earlier OS versions. According to some numbers I dug up, there are still quite a few users running OS 4.6. So, the fact that OS fragmentation exists can’t be ignored. Maybe, at some point in the future when all Blackberry users are running OS 6.0 and up, animated UIs will be a lot easier to create and maintain. But, until then, a lot of the work is left up to the developer.