SyncMyPix 0.2

Remember SyncMyPix?!?

I do…vaguely. I’ve been putting off integrating some fine work from contributors, and I figured that it’s been long enough!.

I’ve finally gotten around to merging in their work creating version 0.2. Here’s a quick summary of what’s gone into this release:

  • Update contributors in README
  • Remove read log permission
  • Default to high quality photo setting and remove setting
  • Fix problem with photos not getting cached to SD card
  • Improve Greek name matching (thanks Diomidis Spinellis)
  • Fix name matching when names contain Turkish characters (thanks Deadknight)
  • ICS fixes (crop view, etc.)
  • Use Facebook Connect SDK instead of homegrown API library
  • Attempt to get highest resolution photos possible from Facebook

Those last 3 are also thanks to Deadknight.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had any time to work on SyncMyPix, hence the delay with getting out a release with all these improvements. I’ve been quite busy with work and other projects. So busy, in fact, that I’m calling this my last release of SyncMyPix. I haven’t tested this enough to feel comfortable releasing it through the market (I actually did publish it, but later removed it). But, I didn’t want that to stop me from sharing this, so the downloads are available from Github. I’m going to be removing SyncMyPix from the store a week from today.

I’m glad it’s been useful to a lot of people, but I’ve got to move on to other things. I’ll continue to host the source code on Github, as I’d love to see someone take the app and improve on it, as it seems there are still people that are interested. So, please, feel free to fork it and make it your own!